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Let’s Whip Our Summer Into Shape!

(Huntington Beach, California)

Yes, those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer are upon us.

For most of us, what does that mean?

For those of us that have children in the house it means school is out. That is a whole other subject altogether. Although I will say that may fall into the category of crazy, IYKWIM.

For those of us who fall into the other category, meaning, for whatever reason, there are no children to disrupt our daily activity, we have our own challenges. Not to take away from those parents who pull double duty mind you. We all have immense respect for you. Been there, done that. And may the force be with you.

Yet, it was brought to my attention the other day that summertime may cause a lazy haze to creep into our daily routine much like a fog bank makes its way onto shore. One minute we’re enjoying the warmth of the sun and then a climatic change threatens to rearrange our good intentions and before you know it, we can’t make our way through the all the minutiae.

But do we give ourselves the time to appreciate life’s little pleasures? Most of us have trained ourselves to be self-disciplined people. And as such, we make lists and schedules that do not allow us to take a break from our normal routine. I would venture to say that few of us ever accomplish what we set out to do on any particular day. Which keeps us in this vicious cycle of frustration and exhaustion knowing full well it is virtually impossible to get everything done.

So what to do?

Take a small break.

No, I’m not talking about cleaning a toilet, or fixing a meal, or doing a load of laundry, or catching up on all your emails. Over the years, I have found that for some reason, those things will still be there for you to do later. It’s called job security.

No, what I am proposing is to take a little break. For some of us, we may have a vacation planned on some exotic Island for all I know. Yet, what I’m suggesting does not require that drastic of a measure. Here’s what I propose:

Get out of the house!

Yes, get out!

Go for a walk and breathe in some fresh air. It can be around the block. Or at a beautiful park. Or at the ocean, that is, if you live near an ocean. As you can tell by the picture above, that is one of my personal favs. Even if you are living under a deluge of precipitation that measures in seismic proportions, go to a mall or some other indoor arena available to you and walk.

I know some of you are working out. You may be doing potty squats with Ginger Calem. Or Crossfit like Jenny Hansen. But that’s not what I’m talking about. We need to get out of our normal routine and change the scenery.

And the best part— it doesn’t cost us anything.

Well, maybe our time, which I know is a precious commodity. But you will not believe how stimulating it can be. It helps to clean out the cobwebs in our brain.

Have you had writer’s block lately? Has a figurative “fog bank” rolled in across the page?

Then take a walk.

And you will be surprised how fast you’ll Whip your WIP this Summer into shape!

So what do you think? Have any special plans for this summer? Do you like to exercise? Do you have a hard time allowing yourself to take the personal time needed to regain your creativity? What things do you like to do to help stimulate your mind and keep your sanity?
Thanks everyone for stopping by and for all your amazing comments!


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ROW80: Alive and Kicking

Op-la-de, op-la-da, life goes on…

It’s Sunday, so it must be time for my weekly check-in.

By the way, Fabio Bueno says it’s okay if I break out into a song. 🙂
But don’t worry—I’m done singing—for now.

So are we ready? Okay, here we go…

The dreaded check-in

Let’s take a look at how I did last week, shall we?…

Goals for Round 1:

1- Work on my current WIP.
This really could be combined with goal number two. But I am in the process of moving forward with both WIPs and also plotting a new story for my third novel.

Yep, still plotting and developing character arcs.
I could lie here, but I won’t. I haven’t been working at this as hard as I could be. I’m going to have to set a new goal for this one.

2- Check in with Donna Newton at WWBC once a week.
Check. I did converse with Donna via email this week. As you know, Donna is now reading my number one WIP. Last week I had said that Donna was a slow reader. Apparently Donna wasn’t reading at all. Well she was reading, but just not my manuscript. Our girl Donna, you know, the hot shot scriptwriter who has connections in Hollywood. Yes, that Donna Newton. She was handed a script to read over and it kinda bumped my project off to the side for a bit. But I’ve been told that she is reading it now. Right Donna? *winks* 🙂

3- Participate in my online class to help authors balance writing and business with Bob Mayer.
As I reported to you last week, this goal is all done. Does this mean that I get to have Ice Cream now that I’m finished? Just kidding. But seriously, I’m beginning to miss Bob a little. I, after all, have been taking one of his Write It Forward online classes since last September. It feels kinda strange not having to complete a work assignment during the week. Hmm. Maybe I’m not done with Write It Forward after all. Maybe I should see if there’s something else that Bob can do to help myself and others hone our craft. I’ll have to get back to you on that…

4- Blog at least once a week.
Yep, posted on Wednesday. And this week I decided to write about an entirely different subject altogether. I decided to write about a vegetable. I know, crazy huh? But who knew that a vegetable could be so sexy! Sexy as a Rockstar! If you haven’t already, go check it out. Its health benefits could make you feel a whole lot better!

I can’t thank you enough for all the support and wonderful comments. Some of you left some great suggestions on how you enjoy that sexy vegetable Kale. Thank you guys! You’re awesome! 🙂

5- Visit and support 5 bloggers per day.
I am happy to say that I try to read more than 5 bloggers per day. And like I said last week, since I have now visited everyone from WANA1011, I thought it would be a good goal to try to go visit everyone from WANA112, although I’m not quite sure how to get a list of those bloggers. Again, if anyone has a list or knows of a list, please let me know. Thank you!

FYI, unfortunately WordPress.com has developed a glitch over the last week and will not allow some of us to leave comments with those of you who host your blogs on WordPress. This has been very frustrating. Just know that others are reading your posts, but were unable to leave a comment. We’ve tried. Oh, how we have tried. And will continue to try. But as Kristen Lamb suggested on Facebook yesterday, let’s be patient or email WP. Please let them know how you feel about this problem so that they will fix it. Meanwhile, we will keep on reading! 🙂

6- Tweet at least once per day.
Yep, I was able to meet this goal and I’ve been busy all week tweeting to support others. And I would like to take this time to thank these awesome people for all their support and Twitter love!

@Angela_Peart @DianeCapri @_FabioBueno_ @DebraKristi @GeneLempp @DebraEve @ElaineSmothers @MarcyKenned @jenmariepowell @jhansenwrites @AugstMcLaughlin @MikeSchulenberg @SusieLindau @barrycrother @DonnaNewtonUK @WritetoPrint @ColeenPatrick @MyndiShafer @LynetteBurrows @patodearosen @NatalieHartford @PatriciaFitz @kbowenwriter @JuliaIndigo @EMitchelwriter KMHuber @duolit @Angela_Peart @wayneborean @EmilyDSteele @EmmaBurcart @ShawndraRussell @KateWood_Author @KristenNador @Jenn_L_Oliver @darairene @galeminchew @patricia_sands @SaraWFoster

I can’t believe what great support I have on Twitter! I hope you all are following these amazing people!
Thank you guys for your Tweets and Re-Tweets! I’m sending you all a big Hug!!!!

7- Exercise during the week.
I am happy to say that this week started on a better note. I got a couple of walks in and because our son and daughter-in-law were visiting, I also walked their dog. I just need to keep this going into next week.

So now I’m looking forward to a fresh new start to this week.

Oh, before you go be sure to check out these awesome blog posts from the past week that caught my eye…
The first post I want to refer you to is from Jess Witkins. I have always loved architecture and since I used to live near Taliesin west, this post perked my interest. It’s a review about a book called “Loving Frank”, Frank Lloyd Wright that is, by Nancy Horan. What a fabulous review Jess!

Diane Capri is doing a series of interviews with her friends. Ah, but these are no ordinary friends. These friends are NYTBS authors of Mystery/Thriller novels. Check out this weeks interview is with David Morrell. You know, the guy that wrote “Rambo.” Yeah, that guy.

Then I enjoyed this next post from Ginger Calem called, “Locks of Love: My Daughter’s Donation.” Well, what can I say? I’m impressed and you will be too. Go read about this remarkable young lady and what she sacrificed for cancer victims. Your daughter is truly precious Ginger!

And last but not least I want to include Donna Newton’s post on “So You Want to be an Author?”—Part Three. I know that I included Donna on last weeks ROW80 post, but this is an awesome series that she’s put together. On her post she likens social media to building a house. Donna breaks it all down into a step by step process like building blocks, walking us through several social media platforms that will give us a sound foundation.

Okay I did it. I got through another week and I’m not alone. There are others that are right beside me to help me along the way. So that I don’t irritate my wonderful supportive subscribers, feel free to delete my ROW80 posts if they start to irritate you. They probably won’t be all that interesting, unless…

Unless I can temp you all to join us over at the party at ROW80! Feel free to jump in anytime. See you there! 🙂

So what do you think? How did I do? I know I can still count on your support, right? Or you have my permission to come and give me a swift kick in the butt! 🙂
If you enjoyed this, I encourage you to run right now to the top of the page and hit the follow button to receive future posts!

Thanks guys! I knew I could count on you!


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The WANA1011 Blogfest Awards!

Today is a special day. A Party like no other event! Not only has a special group of people just graduated from a very unique class, taught by a very unique person, but it is a day that has been chosen in order to celebrate the specific achievements of this exceptional class!

In the last sixty days, 100 people were literally thrown together to learn the most up to date marketing techniques that would help build their “Brand” and prepare them for the great big world of Social Media. It was a remarkable task, but somehow Kristen Lamb pulled it off and in the end they came out all the better for having taken the class.

But what may you ask is this Blogfest all about?

In the spirit of WANA1011: Fabio Bueno, Ginger Calem, Louise Behiel, Jansen Schmidt (aka Patricia L. Rickrode) and myself are sharing the “Blog Love” by giving out Awards to different people today, all interlinked to one another!

So let’s get this party started!

First of all I want to take this opportunity to thank all three people who gave me the awards that you now see on your right. I’m not going to name names because you already know who you are!


Okay, okay you caught me. With everything going on lately I actually forgot who gave them to me. LOL! But let’s move on shall we?

I would like to bestow an award to the next five WANA1011 Bloggers:

1Jeffery Rowan
2Jennifer L. Oliver
3Julia Whitmore
4Laura Sherman
5Lisa Geichman Prosek
6Kinley Baker

I am giving each of you the opportunity to choose from one of the blogging awards you see listed in the column on your right. I really don’t care which one you pick as long as you have fun!

Sincere congratulations to each one of you and all the WANA1011 class members!
You’re fantastic bloggers and deserve all the “Blog Love” and recognition!

Now to share seven random things about myself.

1– I am Dopey because people say I’m sweet and silly, but I’m not into the lime green tunic and the purple hat.
2– I am Grumpy because I can be grouchy and curmudgeonly when provoked (especially when someone wakes me up at an ungodly hour), though I can be extremely loyal and devoted.
3– I am Doc because I feel that when I say the right words, they can be both healing and therapeutic.
4– I am Happy because it gives me great joy to tease, taunt and torment close friends and family.
5– I am Bashful because I tend to exhibit a shy and reserved demeanor when in the presence of a large crowd.
6– I am Sneezy because I have allergies that when aggravated (pollen and furry animals) make me sneeze.
7– I am Sleepy because I enjoy the gentle peacefulness of slumber that comes after surviving a hectic and tiring day.

Last but not least there is something else that makes this event even more special.

On behalf of our fellow WANA1011 classmates, we are presenting an additional blogging Award.

This exclusive accolade is being bestowed just once upon a very unique, irreplaceable person!

And that person is…

Nope, I’m not going to tell you.

In order to find out you will need to visit these other fine posts: Fabio Bueno, Ginger Calem,

Louise Behiel and Jansen Schmidt (Patricia).
But before you go take a guess, because I know you’ll also want to leave an encouraging comment here for all your fine classmates!

Thank you everyone for your participation in this awesome event!

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