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The WANA1011 Blogfest Awards!

Today is a special day. A Party like no other event! Not only has a special group of people just graduated from a very unique class, taught by a very unique person, but it is a day that has been chosen in order to celebrate the specific achievements of this exceptional class!

In the last sixty days, 100 people were literally thrown together to learn the most up to date marketing techniques that would help build their “Brand” and prepare them for the great big world of Social Media. It was a remarkable task, but somehow Kristen Lamb pulled it off and in the end they came out all the better for having taken the class.

But what may you ask is this Blogfest all about?

In the spirit of WANA1011: Fabio Bueno, Ginger Calem, Louise Behiel, Jansen Schmidt (aka Patricia L. Rickrode) and myself are sharing the “Blog Love” by giving out Awards to different people today, all interlinked to one another!

So let’s get this party started!

First of all I want to take this opportunity to thank all three people who gave me the awards that you now see on your right. I’m not going to name names because you already know who you are!


Okay, okay you caught me. With everything going on lately I actually forgot who gave them to me. LOL! But let’s move on shall we?

I would like to bestow an award to the next five WANA1011 Bloggers:

1Jeffery Rowan
2Jennifer L. Oliver
3Julia Whitmore
4Laura Sherman
5Lisa Geichman Prosek
6Kinley Baker

I am giving each of you the opportunity to choose from one of the blogging awards you see listed in the column on your right. I really don’t care which one you pick as long as you have fun!

Sincere congratulations to each one of you and all the WANA1011 class members!
You’re fantastic bloggers and deserve all the “Blog Love” and recognition!

Now to share seven random things about myself.

1– I am Dopey because people say I’m sweet and silly, but I’m not into the lime green tunic and the purple hat.
2– I am Grumpy because I can be grouchy and curmudgeonly when provoked (especially when someone wakes me up at an ungodly hour), though I can be extremely loyal and devoted.
3– I am Doc because I feel that when I say the right words, they can be both healing and therapeutic.
4– I am Happy because it gives me great joy to tease, taunt and torment close friends and family.
5– I am Bashful because I tend to exhibit a shy and reserved demeanor when in the presence of a large crowd.
6– I am Sneezy because I have allergies that when aggravated (pollen and furry animals) make me sneeze.
7– I am Sleepy because I enjoy the gentle peacefulness of slumber that comes after surviving a hectic and tiring day.

Last but not least there is something else that makes this event even more special.

On behalf of our fellow WANA1011 classmates, we are presenting an additional blogging Award.

This exclusive accolade is being bestowed just once upon a very unique, irreplaceable person!

And that person is…

Nope, I’m not going to tell you.

In order to find out you will need to visit these other fine posts: Fabio Bueno, Ginger Calem,

Louise Behiel and Jansen Schmidt (Patricia).
But before you go take a guess, because I know you’ll also want to leave an encouraging comment here for all your fine classmates!

Thank you everyone for your participation in this awesome event!

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