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And The Winner Is…Yep, Kathy Owen Sure Is Generous!

As most of you know, I was chosen as “Mystress of Ceremonies” for Kathy Owen’s “Dangerous and Unseemly Mystery Book Tour.” Why me? I have no idea. But since it’s my job, I’m gonna make sure that Kathy’s tour ends on a high note!

It’s been an exciting time for Kathy with the release of her very first mystery novel. So if you’ve had a chance to enjoy her book, let me assure you there’ll be more to come in the near future. And if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, there are links at the bottom of Kathy’s post that will direct you to your favorite book retailer.

Yet, for now, I’d like to hand things over to Kathy because she has an annoucement to make, cause we have winners! Yes winners, as in, more than one! Wahoo!

So take it away Kathy!


Hey, Karen, thanks for having me back to wrap up the Whodunnit contest! We had a great time spreading mystery and mayhem all around the blogosphere, bwahaha.

Here’s the original puzzle:

You have received a partial telegram, stating that the murdered body of Sir Reginald “Good Riddance” Crenshaw, your long-lost third cousin (twice removed) has been found. However, the rest of the message has been lost, scattered and garbled along a trail of multiple telegrams to other people by a drunk clerk at the telegraph office.

Before you can make a claim upon dear Reggie’s ill-gotten wealth, you must establish the particulars of the murder. Where was he found? What was he killed with? And, most importantly, WHODUNNIT?

by K.B. Owen
(by K.B. Owen)

Now, I know you’re all dying for the solution, but bear with me for a minute as I walk you through a few of the clues from various sites on my book tour. You needed four letters to solve each piece of the puzzle. Those letters, unscrambled, corresponded to a Clue-game style ROOM, WEAPON, and CULPRIT.

The first four stops (Elizabeth Craig, Janice Hamrick, Jill Edmondson, and Margot Kinberg) had the letters to the ROOM. Here were their questions, with the answers:

1. One of the following is NOT a rule of Golden Age detective fiction, as famously listed by literary critic Ronald Knox (in a preface to a 1929 collection of detective stories). Which is it?

Answer – B: The butler should be the culprit

2. What famous fiction private eye said: “The cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter”?

Answer – I: Sam Spade

3. This detective said: ”Warning. Assholes are closer than they appear.”

Answer – L: Ace Ventura

4. What percent cocaine solution did Sherlock Holmes inject when bored between cases?

Answer – R: 7% (some of those other percentage choices would have killed him!)

So, we have B – I – L – R, which unscrambled is LIBR, the acronym for LIBRARY.

The next four stops gave us the letters to the WEAPON. Now that you have the idea, I won’t go into the specific questions, but here are the letter answers:

Nancy Lauzon: E / Renee Schuls-Jacobson: R / Julie Glover: O / Jenny Hansen: V

E – R – O – V Unscrambled, we get: REVO or REVOLVER

(image via wikimedia commons)

Then the final three stops (Tiffany had two clues) gave us the CULPRIT:

Rachel Funk Heller: U / Laird Sapir: M / Tiffany White: P, L

U – M – P – L Unscrambled, we get PLUM, or PROFESSOR PLUM

So, there you have it! Professor Plum killed Sir Reggie Crenshaw in the library with the revolver.

I’ve always thought that one of the defects of the Clue game, however, was that the motive isn’t part of the equation. Well, no more!

Professor Plum had murder in his heart ever since 2005, when Sir Reggie had written a mocking review of Plum’s beloved scholarly work: “T.S. Eliot and Geoffrey Chaucer: Reciprocal Influences on a Wasteland Pilgrimage.” It had been the loving work of 13 years and ran 1,847 pages long. Plum had considered it the crowning glory of his academic career, until that philistine Reggie ruined it for him. Then it was “bye-bye” tenure. Since then, Plum has gone from college to college like an itinerant farm-hand, teaching part-time writing classes to privileged college brats whose idea of writing was sitting in the back of the room, texting with their thumbs. Enough was enough – it was high time for payback.

He found Sir Reggie alone in the library. At first, Plum thought it would be poetic justice if he konked Crenshaw over the noggin with his “Wasteland Pilgrimage” volume – 1,800+ pages makes for a substantial weapon, after all – but he couldn’t bear the thought of bloodstains marring his precious book, even for a good cause. That’s what revolvers are for, after all.

And The WINNER Is: Julie Glover!

Congratulations, Julie, and great job! I’ll be sending you a free ebook copy of Dangerous and Unseemly, and a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble (winner’s choice).

But, wait – that’s not all! I’ve decided to give away an additional copy of my ebook.

The winner of that drawing is…Nandini Lal!

Congrats! The Kindle version is on its way.

Thanks so much to everyone for commenting, visiting, and competing in the contest, and supporting me on the book tour. It was a blast!

Thank you Kathy! And congratulations to both winners!


Kathy Owen’s new book “Dangerous and Unseemly” is available now at:

Amazon Kindle

Paperback (Amazon)

Barnes and Noble Nookbook





And please check out Kathy Owen’s website for more historical mystery at kbowenmysteries.com!

Let’s all give Kathy a big hand for a most exellent Mystery game! She did a fantastic job, don’t you think?

So how did y’all do? Did Kathy stump you? She can weave a mean mystery, can’t she? Did you have a fun time? What was your favorite part of Kathy’s book release tour? Do you have a new book on the horizon? What are your plans for making the most out of its release? Are you self-pubbing or going the traditional route? Inquiring minds want to know!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and for all your wonderful comments!

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“The Return of Kathy Owen, a Mysterious Murder and Clues”

What does Kathy Owen, a mysterious murder and a bunch of clues have in common?

Well, they’re all part of the “Dangerous and Unseemly Mystery Book Tour”.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve visited lots of different author sites in an attempt to keep up with the release of Kathy Owen’s new book. I must say that girl is one popular author. Yet, not only that, Kathy, as the talented mystery writer that she is, weaved a Murder Mystery throughout every post on the tour.

Isn’t that cool? Besides our introduction to Kathy’s new book, you and I have a Murder to solve!

Uh, Karen.

Yes Kathy.

Aren’t you forgetting something?

Oh, that’s right Kathy. Sorry about that. I forgot. It’s just that I get so excited every time I talk about your Murder Mystery. I wonder Whodunnit? Has everyone collected all the clues? Because we have a Murder to solve and that’s why Kathy is here.

So take it away Kathy!

Hi, everyone! We’ve finished the book tour now, and it was a blast! Thank you all for taking the tour with me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the fab writers and bloggers along the way.

Hasn’t Karen McFarland been a terrific Mistress of Ceremonies?

You’re making me blush Kathy!


Okay, I’m going, I’m going.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yes. I’m so grateful to Karen for helping things along. I know I was originally planning to announce a winner of the Whodunnit puzzle contest and giveaway today, but I’ve decided to give folks more time to email me with their guesses. Remember, the winner will get a free ebook copy of my debut novel, Dangerous and Unseemly, and a $25 gift card of his/her choice to either Starbucks, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble! I’ll notify the winner by email, too.

If you missed any of the stops or trivia questions, no worries. I’ve compiled them all here!

But first, a recap of the puzzle:

You have received a partial telegram, stating that the murdered body of Sir Reginald “Good Riddance” Crenshaw, your long-lost third cousin (twice removed) has been found. However, the rest of the message has been lost, scattered and garbled along a trail of multiple telegrams to other people by a drunk clerk at the telegraph office.

Before you can make a claim upon dear Reggie’s ill-gotten wealth, you must establish the particulars of the murder. Where was he found? What was he killed with? And, most importantly, WHODUNNIT?

murderHOW TO SOLVE: Look at the mystery trivia questions below. Each correct answer will give you the alphabet letter you need. You want to solve 3 puzzle pieces: which ROOM, which WEAPON, and which SUSPECT.



ROOM CLUES (4 letters, unscrambled):

Question #1 – One of the following is NOT a rule of Golden Age detective fiction, as famously listed by literary critic Ronald Knox (in a preface to a 1929 collection of detective stories). Which is it?

A) No more than one secret room or passage is allowable

B) The butler should be the culprit

C) No Chinaman must figure in the story

D) Twin brothers, and doubles generally, must not appear unless we are duly prepared for them


Question #2 – What famous fiction private eye said: “The cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter”?

I) Sam Spade

J) Phillip Marlowe

K) Mickey Spillane

L) Raymond Chandler

Question #3 – This detective said: ”Warning. Assholes are closer than they appear.”

I) Charlie Chan

J) Sam Spade

K) Miss Marple

L) Ace Ventura


Question #4 – What percent cocaine solution did Sherlock Holmes inject when bored between cases?

O) 20%

P) 75%

Q) 5%

R) 7%

So, was dear old Reggie killed in the…



Kitchen (KITC)?

Ballroom (BALL)?

Conservatory (CONS)?

Billiard Room (BILL)?

Library (LIBR)?

Study (STUD)?

Hall (HALL)?

Lounge (LOUN)?

… or Dining Room (DINE)?


Clever, aren’t you? Okay, so now you know where Sir Reggie was dispatched, but what was he killed with?


WEAPON CLUES (4 letters, unscrambled):


Question #1 – Nancy Drew had two friends (who were probably jealous of her cool red roadster!) who acted as her sidekicks and assisted in her investigations. They were:

D) Porgy and Bess

E) Bess and George

F) George and Ned

G) John and Yoko


Question #2 – Nate the Great, a “soft-boiled” kid detective from a popular children’s series, eats a favorite food when he needs to think out a case. What is it?

Q) hot dogs

R) pancakes

S) Doritos

T) broccoli


Question #3 – What trademark tune does Columbo whistle (beginning with the episode “Any Old Port in the Storm”) which the producers worked into the musical theme?

N) “I dreamed a dream”

O) “This Old Man”

P) “Star-Spangled Banner”

Q) “Hokey Pokey”


Question #4 – Agatha Christie’s detective, Hercule Poirot, favored this method of detection:

U) examining physical evidence, such as footprints and tobacco ash

V) using the little gray cells

W) beating a confession out of the murderer

X) relying on eyewitness testimony


*gasp* Oh no, was it really done with the —

(image via wikimedia commons)

Rope (ROPE)?

Wrench (WREN)?

Revolver (REVO)?

Knife (KNIF)?

Candlestick (CAND)?

Lead Pipe (PIPE)?


My oh my, you are a smart one! How about the biggest mystery of all…WHODUNNIT?


MURDERER CLUES (4 letters, unscrambled)


Question #1 – There was a mysterious incident in Agatha Christie’s life. In her early adulthood, she:


T) was accused of murdering her first husband

U) disappeared for 11 days and when she was found had no memory of the time

V) had charge of the hospital pharmaceutical dispensary, in which a large quantity of poison disappeared

W) was rumored to have an illegitimate child


Question #2 – Who were the smartest of the Scooby-Doo gang?

L) Scooby and Shaggy

M) Velma and Fred

N) Daphne and Fred

O) Batman and Robin


Question #3 – Sherlock Holmes is partly modeled after a person in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s life. His name was:

O) Han Solo

P) Dr. Joseph Bell

Q) Dr. Joseph Whittingham

R) Oliver Wendell Holmes


Question #4 – Jessica Fletcher, a mystery writer/amateur detective on the long-running Murder, She Wrote, lived in which town (whose per capita murder rate would have been the despair of local real estate agents)?

J) Ann Arbor, MI

K) Intercourse, PA

L) Cabot Cove, ME

M) Martha’s Vineyard, MA


Was it…

by K.B. Owen
(by K.B. Owen)

Colonel Mustard (MUST): did the upstanding retired army man do the dastardly deed?

Mr. Green (GREE): who is really behind that colorful exterior?

Professor Plum (PLUM): perhaps the professor is the passionate perpetrator.

Mrs. White (WHIT): would White wield the wicked weapon?

Miss Scarlet (SCAR): could the sexy Miss Scarlet be the secret sinner?

Mrs. Peacock (PEAC): who knows if poor old Reggie ruffled that lady’s feathers, and she committed murder most fowul?


Think you have the answer? Drop me a line! Send an email with your answers to kbowen (at) gmail (dot) com. Heck, email me even if you get lost and/or don’t have time to figure it out. This is all just for fun, after all. I’d love to hear from you, and I’ll put you in the drawing, too!

Thanks, and catch ya later,

Okay, now can I pop in here Kathy?

Yes Karen, go right ahead. I’m finished.

Great job Kathy! Thank you so much for the re-cap! Is everyone as excited as I am?

Remember, the winner will get a free ebook copy of Kathy’s debut novel, “Dangerous and Unseemly”, and a $25 gift card of his/her choice to either Starbucks, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble!

So what do you think? Do you like a good Murder Mystery? Do you like to play Clue? Have you any ideas as to whodunnit? You may share your thoughts in the comment section below. But in order to recieve a FREE copy of Kathy’s new book, please send a brief email to kbowen@gmail.com.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and for all your wonderful comments!


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“K.B. Owen’s Dangerous and Unseemly Mystery Book Tour”


I cannot tell you how delighted I am! Not only do I have exciting news about Historical Mystery Novelist Kathy Owen, but I have been bestowed the title of “Mistress of Ceremonies.” I know. This is a huge honor! And I’ll be happy to tell you all why in just one moment.

For starters, I’d like to ask, who really is K.B. Owen?

Many of us know her through Twitter, Facebook, Mywana and through her blog. Yet, I am suspicious there is more to Kathy Owen than just meets the eye.

So the first thing I did was go to her website. It says that K.B. Owen resides in the beautiful east coast state of Virginia with her husband and three sons. That she loves gardening, Hummingbirds and has a special fondness for Tea and Cookies.

But then it goes on to say that Kathy taught college English for nearly two decades at universities in both Connecticut and Washington, D.C., and holds a doctorate in 19th century British literature.

Aha! That would explain her love for mystery and what helped her to create amateur sleuth, Professor Concordia Wells!

Speaking of Professor Concordia Wells…

Today, as Mistress of Ceremonies, I have the distinct pleasure of announcing the launch of:

K.B. Owen’s…

“Dangerous and Unseemly” Mystery Book Tour!

If you enjoy curling up to a cozy historical mystery, you are going to be totally enthralled by K.B. Owen’s new novel!

Here’s the description:

It’s an unseemly lesson…in murder.
The year is 1896, and Professor Concordia Wells has her hands full: teaching classes, acting as live-in chaperone to a cottage of lively female students, and directing the student play, Macbeth.

But mystery and murder are not confined to the stage. Malicious pranks, arson, money troubles, and the apparent suicide of a college official create turmoil at the women’s college. For Concordia, it becomes personal when a family member dies of a mysterious illness, and her best friend is attacked and left for dead.

With her friend still in danger and her beloved school facing certain ruin, Concordia knows that she must act. But uncovering secrets is a dangerous business, and there are some who do not appreciate the unseemly inquiries and bold actions of the young lady professor. Can she discover the ones responsible…before she becomes the next target?

Okay Kathy, now we’re really hooked!

So what’s the catch?

Ah, that’s a good question. It turns out that Kathy has added a little Mystery and fun to her book launching tour. Plus a special Prize!

So do you want to play? Here’s how it works:

At each stop in “K.B. Owen’s Dangerous and Unseemly Mystery Book Tour,” there will be a mystery question to answer. The correct answer has a corresponding letter. When you collect all the letters and unscramble them into sets of four, you’ll discover which ROOM, WEAPON, and SUSPECT. Then, at the end, you’ll email Kathy at kbowenwriter@gmail.com. It’s just that simple. I’ll be announcing the winner right here on my blog, at the last stop of her tour on Wednesday, April 3rd. What could you win? A free ebook copy of “Dangerous and Unseemly” and a $25 gift card of your choice to either Starbucks, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble!

Ooh Kathy, that sounds really cool!

Now if you run into a few stumpers, don’t worry! You’ll be able check out Kathy’s Mystery Quizz page at kbowenmysteries.com. It has Clue-type graphics and lays it out, step by step. And if you join us in the middle of the tour, the complete list of Book Tour hosts can be found here and at kbowenmysteries.com. The Email Deadline is Monday, April 1st. No foolin’! 🙂

And just so you can keep up with each clue, here’s Kathy’s scheduled date of appearances:

First stop Tomorrow, Feb 25 – Elizabeth Spann Craig – “The Butler Did It?”

Then Wednesday, Feb 27 – Janice Hamrick – “Fantastic Formula: the Perry Mason Series”

Friday, March 1 – Jill Edmondson – “What Nancy Drew and Scooby-Doo Taught Me About Writing Cozy Mysteries”

Tuesday, March 5- Margot Kinberg – “19th century Con Men – the Best Salesmen Ever”

Wednesday, March 6 – Nancy Lauzon – “Book Shower”

Friday, March 8 – Renee Schuls-Jacobson – “An Unusual Interview”

Wednesday, March 13 – Julie Glover – “The Language of 19th century Charlatans”

Thursday, March 14 – Jenny Hansen – “When You Gotta Go…in the 19th century”

Wednesday, March 20 – Rachel Funk Heller – “Skype Interview”

Monday, March 25 – Laird Sapir – “The Interview”

Friday, March 29 – Tiffany A. White – To be announced

Wednesday, April 3 – Karen McFarland (me!) – “Announcement of Winner and Tour Wrap-Up”

So please be sure to join in on all the fun!

“Dangerous and Unseemly” is available now at:

Amazon Kindle

Paperback (Amazon)

Barnes and Noble Nookbook





And please check out Kathy Owen’s website for more historical mystery at kbowenmysteries.com!

So what do you think? Are you ready for “K.B. Owen’s Dangerous and Unseemly Mystery Book Tour?” Mark your calendars and bookmark this post! You all know how I love to give away prizes! And since I do happen to have some pull with the author, I’m working her over as we speak! So follow all the clues and you could be a winner!

Thank you everyone for stopping by and giving Kathy Owen all your support!


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Beyond the Jungle: Suzi Eszterhas

As you can see, I held one out on you!


I know. I know. It couldn’t be helped. I just can’t get enough of those beautiful Lions.

Apparently, I am not alone. Last week’s post “Love Lies Within A Jungle”, received one of the highest number of visitors to this site. It seems that we all love animals!

So I thought, hmm, that’s interesting.

Perhaps I should give you a glance beyond the jungle this week and expose the person who is responsible for those amazing pictures—wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas.

Suzi Eszterhas lives in the San Francisco bay area, but because she spends nine months out the the year away shooting taking photos of a wide variety of animals in the wild, I guess you could say her real home is Africa.

In recent years, she has specialized in documenting family life of endangered species and has become well known for her unprecedented work with newborn animals. Her photographs are published in books, magazines and newspapers all over the world, including the front covers of “Time” and the “Smithsonian”.
As you can imagine, Suzi has won many awards, including those from the National Wildlife Federation, Nature’s Best and Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Although she primarily works in Africa, she has also undertaken commissions and led photography tours and workshops in the Antarctica, the Arctic, Alaska and Montana. Well, as you can see, just about everywhere.


In fact today she is headed back to Africa to teach a current workshop and wildlife tour. I could go on and on about her involvement with several International Wildlife Conservation groups, but what I really wanted to point out to you is this:

Suzi Eszterhas is a fellow writer.

Isn’t that cool? Who knew?

But before I get into that, I just had to ask…What attracted Susi to become a wildlife photographer? Was it her love of nature? Her passion for photography? Or was her childhood love of animals?

This was Suzi’s answer. “For me the attraction to wildlife photography has always been more about the animals than the photography. Though I love photography, wildlife has always been my biggest passion. I find animal behavior fascinating and learned very early on that knowing your animal subject is critical in taking good wildlife photographs. You must know where and when to find your subject, how to get close to it, and how to predict what an animal might do next in order to capture that special moment.”


And when we study each picture on this page, we can see Suzi’s passion for that special moment shining right on through.

As I mentioned above, Suzi Eszterhas is also a writer and she has produced a new series of children’s books that follow the lives of baby animals from their birth to adulthood as they grow up in the wild.

I had originally contacted her, after sighting that gorgeous picture of the father lion and his cub on the internet, wanting her permission to publish it on my blog. But after our correspondence by email, Suzi admitted that she had released these fabulous books.

And the name of this series is: “Eye on the Wild”.


Copies are available on Suzi’s website or on Amazon.com

These beautifully photographed books are for young children ages 4-7. They show all aspects of the animal’s life in the wild, with close-up pictures of the family group in its natural habitat. The books also include conservation information and useful websites.

If you have any young children or grandchild, you’ll want to be sure to check them out. They are so adorable. What child or adult for that matter wouldn’t want to read one of these books!

So what do you think? Which one is your favorite among the animal kingdom? Do you have any animals at home? Do you love photography? Have you ever contemplated going on a Wildlife Safari?

Be assured that I am forwarding your many comments to Suzi. But it might take awhile for her to reply do to the distance and her remote circumstances. 🙂

Thanks everyone!

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Guest Post by Katherine Owen

After planning this post for over two months, you can imagine how thrilled I am to finally introduce you to my guest.

Katherine Owen has written and released three novels, Not To Us, When I See You, preceded by her first novel, Seeing Julia, which was the recipient of the Zola Award in 2010 from the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. In fact, all three of her books are currently on Amazon’s best seller list for American Drama.

Katherine is a writer of contemporary fiction. Her educational background includes a B.A. in Communications-Editorial Journalism with a minor in English Literature from the University of Washington. She lives in an old house near the city of Seattle that overlooks Lake Washington with her husband, two children and a couple of crazy cats where she writes edgy fiction.

It is because of Katherine’s unique opportunity to learn and study from highly skilled masters of the craft that I’ve asked her if she would kindly share some of her journey and writing experience with all of us here today.

So without further ado, here’s Katherine!

Thank you, Karen.

An Essential Element To This Writer’s Life

EVERY WRITER CONVERGES ONTO THE PATH OF WRITING from a different place, but the journey, itself, usually begins with one particular person’s praise of your work. “This is really good; have you thought about being a writer?” A few writers take this bait and declare themselves a writer early on. The rest of us resist the calling and spend quite a bit of our lives in denial. I was in this latter group. So, when I finally jumped into the fray of a writer’s life, it was disconcerting to finally achieve the dream—writing full-time—only to discover that I had no idea what I was really doing.

That first year, I read every book on writing, wrote a seven-hundred page first novel, but soon discovered that the literary world was a lonely place filled with false starts, lots of stops, and uncertainty. I wasn’t really sure what the next step should be. Early readers of my work gave me feedback. It was good. I loved it. Keep going. There wasn’t a lot of depth to these critiques and I remained unsure as to how to make myself a better writer.

This led me to question if I could really write at all. Should I get an MFA? Would credentials prove this to me or the literary world? Defeat set in. I didn’t have that kind of time. I’d spent a good number of years already doing something completely different and away from writing. I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars to leave my family and go away to Iowa for a year or so and get another degree when all I really wanted to do was write. So, the idea began to resonate that maybe what I needed to do was take a writing class to garner additional insight into my craft and answer the question for myself: Did I have what it takes to be a good writer? That’s when I found The Writers Studio.

There are all kinds of online class offerings from places like Gotham to Writer’s Digest to online courses right in your own community that will take your money and teach you some of the elements of writing. Yet, The Writers Studio, in my mind, sets itself apart because of its unique approach and true literary focus. Located in New York City, The Writers Studio was founded by Philip Schultz, a poet and fiction writer, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2008 for his work, Failure.

The program’s advisory board consists of legendary writers like Jennifer Egan (my personal crush), Julia Glass, Bill Henderson, and many others. Class offerings include several in-person classes in New York City, San Francisco, Tucson, and even Amsterdam, but the program also reaches a wide array of writers through its online writing courses. I’ve been taking these online fiction classes for the past two and half years.

The Writers Studio isn’t a writing program to learn about where to place commas, use proper grammar, or how to plot a novel. Rather, it’s a place to learn about various persona narrators, mood, and tone. The program’s method, encourages students to “try on” different narrative voices—personas—with the belief that by studying other writers’ work and their techniques and/or approaches, your own writing will ascend to the next level. I liken it to painting with oils or acrylics. As an artist, you might study Monet’s work and attempt to paint like him, but your own artistic rendering would invariably be different. This is what happens when you study the works of other writers and utilize the TWS method. It opens up your mind to the possibilities in your own craft. Literally.

In my writing experience with the program, I have been able to better discern mood, tone, and establish various persona narrators within my work. I could never have written When I See You without having taken these classes. This particular novel is told from two points of view, the perspectives of a man and a woman, in first person present tense, no less. It is more complex than my other novels because of that alone; and, I owe my ability to even attempt this technique to the classes I’ve taken. In fact, all three of my currently released novels were inspired from assignments I first wrote in class. Even my current work-in-progress, tentatively titled This Much Is True, was first inspired by a fiction assignment I did in class a few sessions back.

It could be that you’re already a good writer, but you still question how to take your work to the next level. The Writers Studio will invariably up your game because studying the great writers of our time and past will ultimately improve your own writing. I can’t say enough about what I’ve learned and how my writing has evolved with The Writers Studio. This past spring I completed my second Fiction IV class. I’m contemplating taking another class in the fall because making lasting connections with other writers, receiving feedback from both peers and teachers about my writing, and providing critiques of other writers’ work on a weekly basis has become an essential element to this writer’s life.

It has made me a better writer; and, it is my hope it may do the same for you.

Thank you all for coming to view my post today. I think Karen has an announcement. Am I right, Karen?

Yes, you’re right Katherine. Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with us!

As was mention above, Katherine Owen has released three novels: Seeing Julia (A Zola Award Winner), Not To Us, and When I See You.

If you leave a comment on Katherine’s post today and enter your information in the Rafflecopter box below, you will qualify to win a free copy of one of her books. She is giving away two of each. One paperback and one ebook in kindle format.


Thank you Katherine. This is very generous of you!

And don’t forget to look for her next novel, This Much Is True, slated for release later this summer 2012. Here’s the story-line, “They share an unexpected connection that proves life changing which leads to a continual search: he, to find her; she to stay lost.”

For more information about her novels and writing life, visit her website at:

And the winners are:

Seeing Julia Paperback
Laird Sapir

Seeing Julia eBook
Pat O’Dea Rosen

Not To Us Paperback
Liv Rancourt

Not To Us eBook
Debra Kristi

When I See You Paperback
Rhonda Hopkins

When I See You eBook
Sheila Seabrook
Congratulations to everyone!

Thank you everyone for dropping by and for all your wonderful comments!


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