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Sing O Bla Di Bla Da!

(Picture courtesy of Kristin Nador)

I know, I know, I love to use song titles.

You caught me.

What can I say? Life goes on…

A couple of weeks ago, 400 students were piled into an auditorium at Frank Sinatra High School for the performing arts in New York City and got the biggest surprise of their life. The kids had no idea why they were gathered until Paul McCartney walked out on stage.

Can you image?

The whole auditorium went crazy. There was a 50 year gap in age, yet the students screamed just like they did when the Beatles first appeared on stage at Shea Stadium and the Ed Sullivan Show. And they knew all the words. Paul still rocked it and brought down the house.

Maybe I’m amazed.

What is it about Paul McCartney that makes him so special? What makes it possible for him to appeal to generations of people from all over the world?

Okay, he’s a Beatle. I love you, yeah, yeah, yeah. I get that. But really, what, besides being a “Beatle” causes gazillions of people to flock to his concerts? Think about it. When Paul McCartney first became popular in the 1960s, those students in attendance weren’t even born.

While watching this event, hubby and I remembered when we too had the privilege of attending a Paul McCartney concert. We sat behind a young couple who had brought their three month old baby. Yes, a three month old baby. Who does that? *shakes head* At least they had the good sense to bring earplugs for that little sweetie. And then to our right, sat an older woman in a wheelchair. The vast spectrum of age, the fact that everyone knew the words and sang along, left us awestruck.

Now I ask you, who else has the ability to evoke such excitement and participation?

During the concert, some of the students were allowed to ask questions. One student asked why McCartney continues to make music. He said that when people ask him if he’ll retire, he responds with, “Thank you very much. No.”

He also said, “You have to follow your own instincts. It’s very easy to get caught up in this idea that you must please everyone. You have to remind yourself that you’ve got to love it – then there’s a chance they will love it as well.”

Way to go Paul!

And isn’t that what creating art is all about? It’s subjective and once released into the world, we hope our work will appeal to others and perhaps bring some pleasure into their world. Granted, none of us can be Paul McCartney. He’s one of a kind. But aren’t we? I say, let’s use Paul’s example for a little inspiration. Let’s follow our own instincts. And when we reach the point of doubt and frustration in our creative work, let’s to continue to remind ourselves that honey, honey, life goes on.

And so does Paul McCartney.

Sing O Bla Di Bla Da!

I feel better already!

So what do you think? Were you able to watch Paul McCartney on the Yahoo broadcast? Have you ever had the opportunity to see the Beatles, or one of the Beatles perform? What’s the last concert you attended? Do you find that music inspires you?

Thanks everyone for stopping by and for all your encouraging comments!

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