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ROW80: Kicking and Screaming

Well I am Kicking and Screaming in a good way this week!

First of all, can you believe it’s February already? What I want to know is, what happened to January? Is it just me or am I losing it? Okay, don’t answer that question.

Well, I’m happy to report that last week rocked! It was a busy week but I think I’m finally regaining my sanity and falling into a schedule. I didn’t have anyone in the hospital last week which made a huge difference, although for those of you who have been inquiring, Hubby did have a follow-up appointment with the surgeon and he is still in a lot of pain. Apparently, his recovery is going to take some time. So we’re in this for the long haul, but at least we know what to expect. Thank you all for your kindness and concern.

So ready or not, here we go…

The dreaded check-in

Let’s take a look at how I did last week, shall we?…

Goals for Round 1:
1- Work on my current WIP five days a week.
Although I did not work on my WIP again last week, I have been reading James Scott Bell’s, “Plot and Structure” book which as most of you know is amazing. In it, he suggests a daily ten minute exercise of writing sprints. So I have implemented this into my schedule and have been enjoying myself immensely. I think of it as greasing the wheels of my imagination. And while reading his book, I’ve gained confidence in the fact that I might just know what I’ve been doing in regards to how I’ve structured my novel. Who knew? It was an “Aha” moment for me and has given me a renewed determination to press forward and finish the editing on one of my WIPs.

2- Check in with Donna Newton at WWBC once a week.
I did connect with Donna this week. Can I just say that she is a doll! She is always there when you need her and is willing to do just about anything to help. I think after talking last week I’m slowly getting it into my head what needs to be done with my next novel. I cannot thank Donna enough for her support.

3- Participate in my online class to help authors balance writing and business with Bob Mayer.
If you have the opportunity to take any of Bob’s classes, this is the class to take. It will help give you the mind set on how to become a successful writer. Last week’s lesson dealt with “Change” and what we need to do to make the necessary changes in our thinking and decision making in order to succeed. For some of us this might not be an enjoyable task, but I love this kind of stuff.

4- Blog at least once a week.
Yep, posted on Wednesday and it was my very first interview and I was a wreck! Can I just say thank you for all your responses! You were unbelievably supportive to both myself and especially to Diane Capri for her launch of “Don’t Know Jack!” All the blog love, your comments, tweets and re-tweets on Twitter were amazing. Diane and I were both taken back at the response, but we shouldn’t have been. Because after all, it’s the WANA spirit that made the launch of her book a success! You guys are an awesome team! Someone asked me if I was working undercover for “The Today Show”. That was hilarious and a very nice compliment, but I don’t think so. I think for now I’ll stick with novel writing and my blog thank you.:)
5- Visit and support 5 bloggers per day.
Check. I’m seeing some awesome blog posts out there! Last week I told you all that I’m following Fabio Bueno’s advice and it’s working quite well. I’ve made it through half of my WANA1011 classmate’s blogs and it made me appreciate how much blog love I’ve received from all of you. For that I’m very grateful. But I was saddened to see that some are not blogging or have never started. I think we’re all realizing that it takes time to write these blogs and set them up on our sites, tweet, post on Facebook and more importantly, write our novels. And I know that sometimes we all might feel like giving up. I hope that won’t be the case because I see a lot of fantastic writing out there. So keep it up! Eventually I plan to make it by to see all of you!

6- Tweet at least once per day.
Check. No problem this week. Did that at least twice, if not three times per day. It doesn’t take long—five to ten minutes at a time. I like to skim through the columns to find those sweet tweets to RT. Again, it is my intention is to support others!

7- Exercise on my elliptical twice a week.
Well, uh…I got on that thing last Monday and it felt great. Then the week fell apart again. I decided this week that I’m blaming it on Diane Capri since she’s not here. Uh oh, whoops, hi Diane! LOL!! Oh well, baby steps. 🙂

So now I’m looking forward to a fresh new start to this week.

Oh, and before I go I must thank Prudence McLeod for the Kreativ blogger Award! Really, I can’t believe all this blog love people. Thank you so very much!
Whew, okay I did it. I got through another week and it really wasn’t so bad. And I’m not alone. There are others that are right beside me to help me along the way. So that I don’t irritate my wonderful supportive subscribers, feel free to delete my ROW80 posts if they start to irritate you. They probably won’t be all that interesting, unless…

Unless I can temp you all to join us over at the party at ROW80! Feel free to jump in anytime. See you there! 🙂

So what do you think? How did I do? I know I wasn’t able to meet all my goals, but I can still count on your support, right?
Awe, thanks guys! I knew I could count on you!


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