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For Breakfast & Dinner, But Not For Lunch!

I stole that phrase from my sister Janet who just happens to be a faithful follower of my blog by the way. Say hi to Janet everyone! Sisters rock, don’t they? She’s so dying right now. LOL! Gotcha! *wink*

Anyway, for breakfast and dinner, but not for lunch?

What in the world does she mean by that?

One could only guess. But when you’ve been married as long as she and I have, you and your mate seem to blend into one. This doesn’t mean you’ve lost your own identity. It just means that you may finish each other’s sentences. It means you know each other’s moves and decision making process. In fact, I sometimes wonder why we even bother to talk to each other at all.

Just kidding! 🙂

Yet, during the course of a normal day, a couple may not spend all that much time together. They may both leave for work. Or one may go to work, while the other stays home with the children. And yes that is work. The point is, you both go about your day in a different direction.

Thus, you see each other for breakfast and dinner, but not for lunch.

Unless…You’re Pat Benatar.

(Photo: Stephen Lovekin)

For over thirty years Pat Benatar and her husband Neil Giraldo have been tied at the hip. “It’s kind of an incestuous relationship,” Pat told Parade magazine about her marriage. “There isn’t any part of our lives that isn’t intertwined. So even when there’s a conflict, you just have to resolve it.”
Neil interjected, “It was a partnership from the very beginning. We were just two missing pieces that found each other.”

Okay Pat, he is definitely a keeper!

Yet, Pat and her husband Neil’s relationship didn’t start out way. In her autobiography released in 2010, “Between a Heart and a Rock Place,” Pat says that when they met, she was separated from an army soldier that she had married at age 19. In fact, she knew on the day they wed that she was making a terrible mistake. At the same time, Neil wasn’t really free either because he was in a relationship with actress Linda Blair.

So what happened, considering that Pat says she wasn’t even looking for a boyfriend?

She said, “The most drop-dead gorgeous man I had ever seen in my life” walked in to her rehearsal one day and she thought, “Girl, you have just seen the father of your children.”

Then, while they were on tour, rehearsing and recording her debut album, Neil asked Pat to have a drink with him—alone. During their conversation at the restaurant that night, Neil confessed to her that he suspected Blair of having an affair. After he said that, she remembered thinking, “You…Are…Mine.”

Okay, he was a goner. Yet, how do we know these things girls?

It only took a few weeks before they became an official couple. Then, after Pat’s divorce came through in 1979, she and Neil married in Hawaii a few years later. From that time on, they have collaborated on a professional and personal level for thirty years and are still going strong.

Since Pat and Neil met, their journey has taken them through a dozen albums and more than 20 tours while they watched 19 hit singles reach the Top 40 chart. Pat’s won four Grammys, yet she insists that she and Neil “met as regular People” and that’s what helped them plant their relationship on terra firma.

Pat Benatar turned 60 last week and is still as dynamic as ever. She and her husband were on tour during last summer and will be in concert at selected cities around the U.S. throughout the spring.
“Treat Me Right” and I’ll be there in a heartbeat Pat.

Pat’s long partnership with her husband Neil is a result of mutual respect and acceptance that failure just isn’t an option. “I feel about him now the way I felt about him the very first moment I saw him, and I am so grateful for that,” Pat said to Parade. “We’re nuts about each other.”

Sounds like Pat and her husband are together not only for breakfast and dinner, but also for lunch. And something about that just doesn’t sound normal. Do you know what I’m saying?

Yet, the funny thing is, I know how Pat feels. And I have to admit I too feel the same way. Over the many years, my DH and I still share the same spark we felt when we first met. Although, I can’t say we’ve spent that many lunches together.

Well, until recently. 🙂

For some couples, this could be a cause of strain, as in, “Love Is A Battlefield.” Yet, I tend to agree with Pat. When two people are intertwined as a couple like we are, you need to have mutual respect and acceptance. And if there’s conflict, you just have to fix it. Failure is not an option because, “We Belong Together.”

So you may want to remember this…For Breakfast and Dinner, but not for Lunch. For you never know. It might just be the adage that saves your marriage.

Say, what do you think? How long have you been together with your special someone? Are you tied at the hip? Or do you find a unique time for yourself, interspersed with that significant other? What is the common thread that keeps you together?
Thank you so much for dropping by and for all your wonderful comments!


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