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Some Like It Hot

I can see that “Murphy” failed to keep you all entertained while I was gone. I tell you, that bird cannot be trusted. But then he’s Irish.

What was I thinking?

Well, how’s your summer been thus far? It seems that we are on the homestretch and I am seeing ads for Back to School supplies, so school is just around the corner or has it started already?

How has my summer been, you ask?


As in Phoenix, Arizona hot!

Yes, the hubby and I high-tailed it over to the Valley of the Sun to visit our son and daughter-in-law and other family members. And of course, the many friends that we had made from years spent living in the area.

Yep, I was a Phoenician. I cannot tell you how happy I am to use the word “was”. Don’t get me wrong. I really miss my kids, family and friends. Besides, Phoenix is a cool place to live, although I am not talking about the temperature.

Good grief, is it ever hot!

Oh, I already mentioned that, didn’t I?

Apparently, some like it hot. As in, most of the 4 million plus residents that live in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Umm, can I just say that I don’t miss it? The heat! It is unbearable. How did I do it? How did I live there for almost twenty years?

Well, I cooked right up like a short order of fried eggs on a Phoenician sidewalk.
(Bad one, wasn’t it? Sorry about that.)

It sure wasn’t pretty, let me tell ya.

They say…you know, all the advertisements that tell you to come to this desert oasis…that it’s a dry heat.

Don’t believe a single word they say.

They’re all liars!

Okay, granted, in the beginning of summer, if the outside temperature reaches 105, because of the low humidity, it feels like maybe, 95. And with a light breeze, you might swear you feel a bit of coolness in the air. But that’s from sweat, or should I say perspiration drying on your skin.

So the cool air actually is like a mirage. It is a figment of your imagination.

See, it’s a lie.

Cause some like it hot.

And just wait until the monsoon season. Ha! It’s even worse. That’s when the temperature stays in the 110’s and the humidity rises. Big thunderclouds blow into the valley causing gale force winds, shutting the airport down, trees to tumble, torrential rains and floods.

You’ve heard of a Haboob, right?

(courtesy of Google Images)
Well, when it blew into town, I blew right out!

Yay me! I so do not like the heat.

I am now back in southern California, ready to get back to my normal routine.

Whatever that means.

Is there such a thing as normal?

Yes, some like it hot. Me? Not so much.

Beach anyone?

So what do you think? Take any vacations this summer? Take time for a little R & R? A day trip perhaps? How well do you do with the heat? How has the weather been in your neck of the woods? Polar Vortex anyone? After Phoenix, I’m ready for it!

Cheers everyone! And as always, thank you so much for all your support and wonderful comments!

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To Write or Not to Write…


What kind of atmosphere inspires you to be at your best?

Do you work well under pressure, or does your creativity run in good measure?

Does your muse fancy daylight or does it prefer the first stroke of midnight?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we’re all different. That means every single one of us is truly unique and extraordinary. Which is an amazing thing, right? Could you imagine living in a world where all of us were identical?

Life would truly be boring.

Because of our differences, something that works for one person, may not work for another. Yet, it helps to know that we all suffer from the same malady, even though this isn’t a one size fits all kind of gig, which in some ways might make us feel like we’re losing our minds.

So what’s the answer?

Keep writing, no matter what the mood or environment!

I think it’s in our nature to get side tracked from time to time. It happens to the best of us. We all have different obstacles thrown in our direction that divert our attention. But here’s what James Scott Bell says in his book “Plot and Structure”:

“If you want to break through with this thing called craft, you’ll need to be your own disciplinarian.”

Uh-oh. Does this mean I need to limit how much time I spend on Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and LinkedIn and Goodreads and WanaTribe? 🙂

Ah, what can I say? It’s an oldie but goodie, but it doesn’t matter how many times I peruse its pages, I’m reminded of something that inspires me. It just proves that no matter how long we’ve been writing, sometimes we just need to get back to the basics.

Here’s a few of Mr. Bell’s simple reminders that I love:

1- Get Motivated: “Today I resolve to take writing seriously, to keep going and never stop, to learn everything I can and make it as a writer.”


2- Try Stuff: “I’m digesting the material as deeply as I possibly can. I want it to be a part of me. I want it there when I write my next novel.”

Okay, got it!

3- Stay loose: “Writing is never any good when it is done in the grip of anxiety. A tense brain freezes creativity.”

Aha! This would explain why I’ve been in such a deep freeze! But the good news is, I’m thawing out!

4- First get it written, then get it right: Ray Bradbury said, “Let the world burn through you. Throw the prism light, white hot, on paper.”

Dang that perfectionism!

5- Set a quota: “Most successful fiction writers make a word goal and stick to it. Sure you were at your writing desk for three hours, but what did you produce?”


6- Don’t give up: “The main difference between successful writers and unsuccessful writers is persistence. Keep writing.”

Nope, not giving up!

So what kind of atmosphere inspires me to be at my best?

Well, I find that I write at my best when I’ve had a good night’s sleep. Sleep and a good dose of protein and exercise stimulates my brainpower, along with a designated space to write with no interruptions! Is that really too much to ask? 🙂

Now what about you? Do you ever get discouraged or distracted? Is there a specific writer, mentor or teacher of craft that has inspired you? What are some of your suggestions and what inspires you to be at your best and to keep on writing?
Thank you so much for dropping by and for all your wonderful comments!


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