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ROW80: Kicking and Screaming!

I’m still Kicking and Screaming guys!

Why I’m posting today? I have no idea. This has got to be one of my worst ROW80 check-ins. And that’s not saying much since I’ve only been participating with this goal setting venture for six weeks. Truly, one would hope there would be more progress by now. But sad to say, no.

Well, I plead insanity by means of family (invasion); if there even is such a thing. I should ask Diane Capri. She’s an attorney. She would know about this kind of thing.

Diane, can family cause insanity?

Because slowly as each family member arrived, chaos erupted. Every day over the last week someone new appeared at our front door. Now mind you, we don’t have a large place, so by mid week our home looked like a bomb had detonated. Clothes flung here and there; luggage, boxes, bags, beer bottles, wallets, phones, keys, sunglasses, and shoes were sprawled out everywhere. Blankets, sheets, towels and pillows strung along furniture and floor since there were more bodies than beds. If we had connected all the cords from everyone’s phone chargers, I think we could’ve wired the house. And the kitchen… Well, I should have just set up a cot. But I won’t bore you with anymore of the specifics, but let’s just say I was doing okay with my goals until we hit Wednesday and then things started to rapidly deteriorate.

I think I now need to find a detox program from an overdose of too much testosterone.

Oh wait. I know just the thing!

I’m going to hop on over to August McLaughlin’s “Beauty of a Woman” Blogfest post. I think that might work. And by the time I finish reading all those amazing estrogen infused posts I hope to feel cleansed, refreshed with my womanhood restored, and fully equipped to approach the upcoming new week. Whew!

So do we really have to do this?

Okay, ready or not, here we go…

The dreaded check-in

Let’s take a look at how I did last week, shall we?…

Goals for Round 1:
1- Work on my current WIP five days a week.
Obviously I did not work on my WIP again last week. Who could have time for that with the explosion that went off (homeland invasion)? I did squeeze in a little reading with James Scott Bell’s, “Plot and Structure”. And even though my eyes may have been at half-mast, I think I was able to retain a little something from what I read in order to move forward with my novel.

2- Check in with Donna Newton at WWBC once a week.
I did not have time to get in touch with Donna last week. She probably thinks that I died and fell off the the face of the planet or something. But I want to thank her for tweeting about my post last week. That was encouraging.

3- Participate in my online class to help authors balance writing and business with Bob Mayer.
If you have the opportunity to take any of Bob’s classes, this is the class to take. It will help give you the mind set on how to become a successful writer. Last week’s lesson dealt with “Courage” and we were asked what our greatest attribute is. I don’t know if I have the courage to turn in my answer. LOL. No, I will get to this on Monday. Monday is when I am planning on getting my life back. And well, let’s just say I can’t wait until Monday. 🙂

4- Blog at least once a week.
Yep, posted on Wednesday. Did a little revealing about myself in that post. Something different that I don’t think people were really expecting. Then again, who knows from week to week what I might be writing about. I just hope that everyone had as much fun reading it as I had writing it. And I have another interesting post lined up for this coming week. So stay tuned.

5- Visit and support 5 bloggers per day.
This is the first time I didn’t do this. Well, that’s not really true. I did visit several blogs until Wednesday. After that I fell apart. Again, because of the family invasion.

6- Tweet at least once per day.
Okay, this didn’t happen either after Wednesday arrived. I must say that in my defense, it was a case of insanity in which I am checking with Diane on this. I think I have a verifiable case. Though I would like to take this time to thank these awesome people for all their Twitter love!

@LynetteMBurrows, @LisaHallWilson, @Angela_Peart, @DebraKristi, @DianeCapri, @KourHei, @SharlaWrites, @AugustMcLaughlin, @colin_falconer, @SJDriscoll, @DonnaNewtonUK, @SusieLindau, @GingerCalem, @SerenaDracis, @ColeenPatrick, @Allanmhhuj, @NatalieHarford, @ LenaCorazon, @_FabioBueno_, @ @LynNerdKelly, @traci_bell, @JenMariePowell, @CCMackenzie1, @KESaxonAuthor, @BethanyLopes2, @Shahw1, @AlleWells, @ReneeMJ, @JuliaIndigo, @barrycrowther, @stacygreen26, @BMcDowellOH.
I think I’ve got them all. I do apologize if I missed anyone. If you are not following these people, you should be. They really take the lead in supporting one another!
Thanks guys! I’m sending you all a big Hug!!!!

7- Exercise on my elliptical twice a week.
I’m thinking about taking this off my list of goals, but I’m going to give this one more week because of my insane family invasion. I did get one walk in with the brother-in-law if that counts for anything.

For all my family subscribers, just so you don’t disown me, I really do love you and thought we had a great time. I was kidding, okay? LOL! 🙂

So now I’m looking forward to a fresh new start to this week.

Whew, okay I did it. I got through another week and it was awful okay, though I’m not alone. There are others that are right beside me to help me along the way. So that I don’t irritate my wonderful supportive subscribers, feel free to delete my ROW80 posts if they start to irritate you. They probably won’t be all that interesting, unless…

Unless I can temp you all to join us over at the party at ROW80! Feel free to jump in anytime.

See you there! 🙂

So what do you think? How did I do? I know I wasn’t able to meet all my goals, but I can still count on your support, right? Or you have my permission to come give me a swift kick in the butt! LOL!
Thanks guys! I knew I could count on you!


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