Some Like It Hot

I can see that “Murphy” failed to keep you all entertained while I was gone. I tell you, that bird cannot be trusted. But then he’s Irish.

What was I thinking?

Well, how’s your summer been thus far? It seems that we are on the homestretch and I am seeing ads for Back to School supplies, so school is just around the corner or has it started already?

How has my summer been, you ask?


As in Phoenix, Arizona hot!

Yes, the hubby and I high-tailed it over to the Valley of the Sun to visit our son and daughter-in-law and other family members. And of course, the many friends that we had made from years spent living in the area.

Yep, I was a Phoenician. I cannot tell you how happy I am to use the word “was”. Don’t get me wrong. I really miss my kids, family and friends. Besides, Phoenix is a cool place to live, although I am not talking about the temperature.

Good grief, is it ever hot!

Oh, I already mentioned that, didn’t I?

Apparently, some like it hot. As in, most of the 4 million plus residents that live in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Umm, can I just say that I don’t miss it? The heat! It is unbearable. How did I do it? How did I live there for almost twenty years?

Well, I cooked right up like a short order of fried eggs on a Phoenician sidewalk.
(Bad one, wasn’t it? Sorry about that.)

It sure wasn’t pretty, let me tell ya.

They say…you know, all the advertisements that tell you to come to this desert oasis…that it’s a dry heat.

Don’t believe a single word they say.

They’re all liars!

Okay, granted, in the beginning of summer, if the outside temperature reaches 105, because of the low humidity, it feels like maybe, 95. And with a light breeze, you might swear you feel a bit of coolness in the air. But that’s from sweat, or should I say perspiration drying on your skin.

So the cool air actually is like a mirage. It is a figment of your imagination.

See, it’s a lie.

Cause some like it hot.

And just wait until the monsoon season. Ha! It’s even worse. That’s when the temperature stays in the 110’s and the humidity rises. Big thunderclouds blow into the valley causing gale force winds, shutting the airport down, trees to tumble, torrential rains and floods.

You’ve heard of a Haboob, right?

(courtesy of Google Images)
Well, when it blew into town, I blew right out!

Yay me! I so do not like the heat.

I am now back in southern California, ready to get back to my normal routine.

Whatever that means.

Is there such a thing as normal?

Yes, some like it hot. Me? Not so much.

Beach anyone?

So what do you think? Take any vacations this summer? Take time for a little R & R? A day trip perhaps? How well do you do with the heat? How has the weather been in your neck of the woods? Polar Vortex anyone? After Phoenix, I’m ready for it!

Cheers everyone! And as always, thank you so much for all your support and wonderful comments!

21 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot

  1. Debra Eve

    My sister and brother-in-law moved to Phoenix two years ago and they love it. I visited for the first time in December and thought it was beautiful, but I’m with you Karen — I can barely take the So Cal heat, much less that. I did do a jaunt to Santa Fe a few weeks back, but it’s not as bad as Phoenix. I guess because it’s higher. Always great to hear what you’re doing, Karen!
    Debra Eve recently posted..How Leo Fender Found His GrooveMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Hi Debra! See, that is why I said that some like it hot! But you were smart. December is a much better time to visit than say, July? And we knew better. Why did we go there in the heat? Well…don’t ask. But next time, it ain’t happening unless it’s in the winter. And yes, Santa Fe is at a higher elevation which made things much more tolerable. Sounds like you had a nice trip. Glad you took the opportunity to get away. Thanks as always for stopping by! ((Hugs!))

  2. Alarna Rose Gray

    Oh my, is that picture for real?? Have to say, Karen, I’m one of those who likes it HOT! Usually it’s those 105 plus plus days when I decide to get out and wash the windows or something equally silly. It just energises me. Why I live in a place that has barely 3 months of warm weather still confounds me. Anyway, glad you got to spend some time with the family and are now home safe and sound. Welcome back!
    Alarna Rose Gray recently posted..Missing In ActionMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Yep, that picture is real! So you’re one of those people. See, just like I said. Some like it hot! And, why is it you live in cold climate girl? You need to live in Phoenix! Lots of energy there. And windows. 🙂

  3. Pirkko Rytkonen

    Thanks Karen for the update on Phoenix. I want to visit Phoenix for our next winter getaway, but my husband prefers Florida, the snowbird state of his choice. We’ll have to see who wins this time. We’re looking at January or February. When we decide on Phoenix I’ll need your input on the touristy things to do? During the summer we vacation right here at home at our Lake Superior cabin whenever the temperature climbs to a balmy 70 or 80 degrees which just happened last weekend! It’s been cool here all summer compared to your neck of the woods. No hot here!

    1. Karen Post author

      Hi Pirkko! I do realize that Florida, for most people, is the go to snowbird destination. Especially if you live on the east coast. But truly, Phoenix is just as popular for winter visitors. The temperature is comfortable. There is lots to see. Great golfing and some of the best restaurants you’ll find anywhere. And it’s a different desert. Very green and lush. So when you’re ready, grab my ear and I’ll help you navigate the area. You’ll love it! Just not in the summer! 🙂

  4. Patricia

    Hi Karen and welcome home! I spent a few days in San Antonio and yowza momma was it ever hot there! Not and humid. Did I mention humid? Holy macaroni it was like a sauna inside an oven. I was glad to get home to NorCal where we had temperatures in the 90’s.

    I do have a trip planned next month, not summer I know, but a vacation nonetheless. I’ll be visiting Alaska for the first time on a 10-day cruise round trip from San Francisco. I can’t wait. I’m feeling cooler just thinking about the nice cool days in the great white north.

    And don’t be too hard on Murphy, at least he didn’t drink all your alcohol while you were gone. Or did he?

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted..Did I Do That?My Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Oh Patricia, good for you! After the heat I’m sure Alaska will be fabulous. I’m sure just the thought of it cools down the temperature. Heat alone is enough. But coupled by humidity is miserable. Sauna indeed! I am so excited for you. I expect a full report after your vacation. Well, I don’t have to know everything. But the highlights would be appreciated. Now about Murphy. He’s Irish. So what do you think happened to all the alcohol? 🙂

    1. Karen Post author

      Hi Coleen! Glad you’re rockin’ the Polar Vortex girlfriend. I’m with you on that one. Enjoy it while you can. May the rest of your summer be dry and cool! 🙂

  5. Dale Amidei

    We were in the Valley four years without the Editress ever getting used to the heat. I loved the place, but for us it was not to be. To fly into Sky Harbor or view the city from South Mountain at night is a treat.

    1. Karen Post author

      Dale, is there a way to get used to the heat? After all those years, I still couldn’t adapt. We had two AC units to cool our home and a pool. It’s a place where people only come out at night like bugs. It’s just too darn hot during the day. I don’t know how the golfers do it. Yet, it does have its own beauty. The Sonoran desert is one of the most beautiful in the world. And the restaurants are some of the best in the U.S. I, like the Editress am happy to live elsewhere. Viva la cool, beachy air! 🙂

  6. Emma Burcart

    Aside from my trip to LA in June for school, I haven’t traveled at all this summer. Not even to the beach, which I hope to rectify soon. I have been busy with school, which also keeps me on a budget. And I like to travel during the off season when things are cheaper and less crowded. It has been an unusually cool summer here, too. I feel like it’s been in the 70s and 80s most of the time. I prefer it warm and humid, so Arizona would be torture for me. I felt like I was drying up while in LA and was glad to be home.
    Emma Burcart recently posted..Rest Doesn’t Make Us LazyMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Hi Emma! Yes, Arizona is torture. In the summer months. Otherwise, it is a beautiful area, especially with all the Palo Verde and Mesquite trees. And let’s not forget the Saguaros. Very Unique. But I think you’re smart Emma to wait until after the summer crowds are gone to travel. It’s so much easier to make plans and much more enjoyable. So I hope you get your wish to travel soon! Until then, stay cool girl! 🙂

  7. Denise D. Young

    We took a trip up to New Hampshire to visit family; went to Vermont and had a wonderful time there as well. That was our summer vacation. It was nice to be in a new place–and to peruse the many bookstores that area has to offer.

    It seems like most of our summer in the Virginia mountains has been cooler than usual and rainy or cloudy. Usually it’s sunny and in the 80s; it’s been in the 60s/70s and overcast. A taste of the Pacific Northwest, I suppose. 🙂
    Denise D. Young recently posted..Writing experiments and a Midweek ROW80 check-inMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Hey Denise! How are you? Ooh, New Hampshire and Vermont does sound wonderful. So glad you had a nice vacation. It seems most are not complaining about their weather this summer. Enjoy it while you can girl. I’ll take a cool, cloudy day over a Phoenix monsoon. Yep, loving that cooler, beachy weather! Thanks for stopping by Denise and have a great week! 🙂

  8. Pat O'Dea Rosen

    Ouch, Karen! Did you say the Irish can’t be trusted? Or was it Irish birds can’t be trusted? Or birds with Irish names?

    I Googled haboob and am amazed. I’d never heard the word before, and “sandstorm” doesn’t convey the thing’s size and fury. Terrifying.

    Although I’ve lived in Texas for years and years, the heat gets to me. Like you, I dismiss those promises that dry heat is comfortable. I’m glad, though, you got to reconnect with family and friends in the cool AC.

    Enjoy the milder weather in California, and show my friend Murphy some respect.
    Pat O’Dea Rosen recently posted..What I Did on My Summer VacationMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Lol Pat! Let’s just say that I don’t know one Irishman that can be trusted. It’s the sparkle in their eyes Pat. And since Murphy is a male bird, that’s what I was alluding to. So that comment was not meant for those of us of the female persuasion. I am glad to have introduced you to the Haboob phenomena. It is a terrifying storm that causes extreme damage and chaos. It ran me out of town. lol. Yes, thank God for AC! I could not have lived in Phoenix otherwise. Stay cool my friend! Always great to see you! 🙂

  9. Jennette Marie Powell

    I have family in Phoenix. I’m with you on the heat – Phoenix is much nicer in March!

    I can’t believe the weather we’ve had in Ohio this week. 70s and 80s, and crazy-low humidity for this time of year – wonderful! It was the same in Kentucky and Tennessee where I took a short (and fantastic!) vacation a couple weeks ago. Glad you enjoyed your vacation! Now enjoy that lower heat and humidity!
    Jennette Marie Powell recently posted..Little Bits Add UpMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Hi Jennette! Ah, then you know about the heat in Phoenix. Yes, March is nice and so is November, by the way. Y’all have had awesome weather. I am so glad to be in a cooler climate. Yep, I am enjoying it. I hope your weather holds for the duration of your summer Jennette. And give that cute puppy of yours a hug from me. Well, and here’s one from me! ((Hugs))


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