ROW80: Alive and Kicking!

Well what do you know? We’ve got ourselves a new title and a brand new girl!
Yep, I was sick of the whining, weren’t you? Uh, don’t answer that!

Seriously, last week I think I finally felt more balanced. I would like to say that it was because there was less commotion and that would be true. It certainly didn’t hurt to have all that peace and quiet. But I tend to think it’s because it takes some time to find our stride. To find out what works and doesn’t work within our schedule. I’m still fine tuning it just a little as you will see down below. But all and all I would have to say that it feels like a turning point for me and that makes me feel so relieved.

Okay, are we ready? Here we go…

The dreaded check-in

Let’s take a look at how I did last week, shall we?…

Goals for Round 1:
1- Work on my current WIP.
I changed this because I seem to not be getting much of anything done. Maybe this is a mental thing, so now if I get anything done I might feel better about myself for doing so. And then we can step it up from there. 🙂

2- Check in with Donna Newton at WWBC once a week.
Check. I did converse with Donna via email this week. I wanted to let Donna know that I hadn’t fallen off the face of the earth; that with all that has been going on with Hubby and the family, well Life happened and not to worry, I’m getting my focus back!

3- Participate in my online class to help authors balance writing and business with Bob Mayer.
If you have the opportunity to take any of Bob’s classes, this is the class to take. It will help give you the mind set on how to become a successful writer. Last week’s lesson dealt with “Communication” and how not communicating effectively beyond the manuscript will keep it from ever being seen. Then Bob asked us, “Do you outline? Or do you just write and then rewrite?” and “What are you better at: plotting or character?” Hmm, interesting questions. I turned in my lesson from the previous week on Monday as I had planned and then turned in this lesson on Wednesday. So I was all caught up until I found another lesson in my email this morning. Oh well, I better get busy! 🙂

4- Blog at least once a week.
Yep, posted on Wednesday. I have to say that once a week is working for me. It has given me an opportunity to catch my breathe and spend time on more important things, like making out a schedule so I will have the time to work on my WIP. I think that it makes it easier for those who follow my blog to visit and comment. And I can’t thank you enough for all the support and wonderful comments that you leave on my site.

Oh, and I also made some changes on my website. Did you notice? Please let me know what you think?

5- Visit and support 5 bloggers per day.
I am happy to say that I have read actually more than 5 blogs per day. I know it seems crazy, but I had made it a goal to visit everyone who was in our WANA1011 class. And I did it!!!! Well, I stopped by and visited everyone that was on the list from our WANA1011 Facebook page at least. Why did I do this? Well, I just wanted to let them know that I enjoyed being in the class with them and that they have my support. So now I want to finish reading those amazing posts from the “Beauty of a Woman” Blogfest. I’m about halfway through. You girls are making me cry. 🙂

6- Tweet at least once per day.
Yep, I was able to meet this goal except for yesterday. Yesterday I took the day off from the Twitterverse. I think they lived without me, don’t you? And thank you all for your Tweets and Re-Tweets! I’m sending you all a big Hug!!!!

7- Do some form of Exercise each week.
Aha! I’m changing my tactic on this one also. I’m walking instead, and then maybe I’ll work into the elliptical even though I can hear it calling out my name. LOL!

So now I’m looking forward to a fresh new start to this week.

I thought before you go that I would share a few posts from the week that caught my eye:
If you are in the writing or revision process, Pat O’Dea wrote an interesting post called, “Re-imagine, Reconstruct, Revise.” In it she refers to Lynette Burrows and Jenny Hansen who themselves wrote a fantastic post on this subject. Thanks Pat for sharing these posts.

Now if you want to take a quick trip over to the Emerald Isle, then pop over to Lisa Hall Wilson’s post about her Irish roots and her dreamy trip to Ireland. What happened Lisa?

Then if you want a good laugh about the hopes and dreams of being a writer, click over to this post by Teresa M. Owen, “Dream vs. Reality”

Whew! Okay I did it.

I got through another week and I’m not alone. There are others that are right beside me to help me along the way. So that I don’t irritate my wonderful supportive subscribers, feel free to delete my ROW80 posts if they start to irritate you. They probably won’t be all that interesting, unless…

Unless I can temp you all to join us over at the party at ROW80! Feel free to jump in anytime. See you there! 🙂

So what do you think? I changed some of my goals. How did I do? I know I can still count on your support, right? Or you have my permission to come and give me a swift kick in the butt! LOL!

Thanks guys! I knew I could count on you!


36 thoughts on “ROW80: Alive and Kicking!

  1. KM Huber

    Hey, Karen!

    Sounds like your goal-tweaking is working so onward and upward! Like you, I find regular blogging once a week preferable–I just seem to keep running into myself if I blog more than that–have decided to make ROW80 check-ins, regardless. Let’s see how we do. As for exercise, walk away and the rest will take care of itself. Enjoy your week.
    KM Huber recently posted..The Night Circus: A ReviewMy Profile

  2. Pat O'Dea Rosen

    Thanks for the blog love, Karen. The credit for my post goes to those I linked to: Lynette Burrows, Jami Gold, Margie Lawson via Jenny Hansen, and Alicia Rasley.

    You, girlfriend, are doing great–as your ROW pin-up girl shows. If you want to whine about revisions, I’ll listen and will whine back.

    1. Karen Post author

      You are so welcome Pat! You did a fantastic job with pulling all those posts together. And thank you for the compliment and your support. I can always use it. And don’t get me whining about the revisions girl. LOL! Thanks Pat for coming by to see me and have a great week! 🙂

    1. Karen

      Oh hey there Raelyn! Thank you so much for coming by to support me. I appreciate your suggestions. I’m learning to adapt. This is awesome. Have a good week Raelyn! 🙂

  3. Natalie Hartford

    GREAT week Karen and I love the goal changes. I think it’s about finding what works and motivates your personality. We are each different and it’s about working and reworking until you find something that speaks to you and it sounds like this does. Woot woot. You had a GREAT week and I have no doubt you’ll have another stellar one ahead. Here’s to that…you are doing GREAT and love the upbeat, positive vibe…keep rocking the row!
    Natalie Hartford recently posted..ROW80 – Round 1 – Check-in #14My Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Yes Natalie!!! It took about six weeks before I finally didn’t have a panic attack when I would post my goals. This was harder than you think for me. But I’m feeling much stronger now. I will strive to keep things upbeat Natalie. You are always inspiring! Have a great week girl! 🙂

  4. SheilaSeabrook

    I love the changes on your site, Karen. And adore the new ROW80 logline Alive and Kicking. You go, girl!

    So glad to hear life has started to slow down a bit and that you’ve finally got some peace and quiet. I see lots of progress in your future. 🙂
    SheilaSeabrook recently posted..ROW80: Week 7 Check InMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Do you? I’m so happy to hear that. Yes, I like the new logline for the ROW too. Much more productive and positive! Thank you so much for coming to support me Sheila! Have a good week! 🙂

  5. Ali Dent

    So glad you experienced a turning point. I hope this week continues on the up swing. On my blog you asked me to add you to a list that I mentioned. What was it? You can remind me on the blog post with my goals.

    1. Karen Post author

      Thank you Ali for coming over to support me. Yes, last week was a much better week. I think the new goals will help. Have a great week girl! 🙂

  6. Gene Lempp

    Nice job both on your goals and on making the necessary shifts. The first round of ROW is always a learning process and it is the wise ROWer that fine tunes – nicely done 🙂

    Keep up that great positive attitude, Karen and have a fantastic week. By the way, the site looks super, love the changes!
    Gene Lempp recently posted..Lord of the ROWdates 2-19My Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Thank you Gene. I’m still trying to figure all this out. But I’m glad to have your support and direction. I think the changes will have a good affect on me mentally and I won’t feel so much pressure. Have a good week Gene! 🙂

  7. S. J. Maylee

    I like that you are taking what is working and making changes where they are needed. Moving forward, that you are!!
    oh and thanks for the links!! I’m going to be checking them out for sure.

    1. Karen Post author

      You are welcome S.J. And yes, I needed to make some adjustments. Enjoy those posts. They are so worth checking out! Have a good week! 🙂

    1. Karen Post author

      Thank you Marcy! I love the posts. I feel the same way you do. I don’t want to miss out on any of them. Thanks for coming and supporting me Marcy! Have a great week! 🙂

  8. Rachel

    Karen, love the new look, reminds me that I need to tweek my own page. I find it fascinating that as soon as you set goals to do anything, the world seems to do all it can to keep you from keeping them. It’s always good to tweek and re-toll your goals, but don’t give up on them. Keep up the great work. And go get on that eliptical, it will give you a good dose of endorphins to help you push on through. xoxoxoxox
    Rachel recently posted..A Mother Update, Losing One’s Past, and Retail Therapy to the RescueMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Thank you Rachel. I was trying to keep it from looking so much like Kristen Lamb’s sight since we do have the same theme. But I know what you mean Rachel. What is that all about. And it felt good to make the adjustments. Okay, okay Rachel. I will get on that darn thing this week! Whew! LOL! Have a great week girl! 🙂

  9. Jennifer Jensen

    Congrats on a great week, Karen. And I like the new “Alive and Kicking” better, too. I regularly read a bunch of the ROW80 posts (yours and others) even though I’m not doing it. Accountability was not something I needed here while I’m helping my mother with my dad’s illness. But I know what to expect here now (I’m going home in a week), and I’ll likely join you all in the next round. Keep up the good work!
    Jennifer Jensen recently posted..Playing in My Mother’s Messy GardenMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Thank you Jennifer! I really appreciate all your support! It sounds like you’ve had your hands full helping out at home with your parents. I completely understand. We all have family responsibilities. And they must come first. We’ll be looking forward to having you join us next round. Should I come get you? I’m kidding. Have a good week Jennifer! 🙂

  10. Jennette Marie Powell

    Karen, I’m glad you stopped Kicking and Screaming! LOL! Scheduling is a huuuuge help. I even schedule what I’m going to work on, writing-wise, and it really helps. I didn’t schedule specific parts of my RIP to work on last week – just put that I wanted to review it – and as a result, it didn’t get done at all. Good luck this week, especially now that you’re hitting your stride!
    Jennette Marie Powell recently posted..ROW80: SlackerMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      See. I knew if I was tired of screaming, you all were! It was time to move on! And it feels good to hit a balancing point. You have a great week Jennette! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  11. Julia Indigo

    It sounds like you are doing a great job, Karen! And I’m glad you changed from ‘kicking and screaming’ – this has much more positive vibe.

    I really appreciate your friendship – your comments on my blog are always insightful.

    CC, I’ve been keeping a running daily total as well – I don’t know how to keep a weekly total, because I tend to jump around in the manuscript. But writing that scene before logging onto the internet? Now that’s a great idea. I’m going to take that and run with it. IT will mean changing my morning routine, which has been 1) let the dog out 2) feed her and make my breakfast 3) sit down in front of the computer and eat while I put on my makeup. 4) let the dog lick my oatmeal bowl.
    I’m sure she won’t mind waiting a bit for #3 and 4!
    Julia Indigo recently posted..Catching up, part deuxMy Profile

    1. CC MacKenzie

      Hi Julia,

      I’m sure your dog won’t mind, lol! The trouble with me is once I’m on the internet NOTHING gets done. And I’ve just found Pinterest which is great fun and very visual so it suits me. I’ve begun to do a mood board for my finished ms. For me, the idea of Pinterest works well. One of my daughters mentioned it to me. Something else to get my head around.
      CC MacKenzie recently posted..What Are You Wearing?My Profile

    2. Karen Post author

      Why thank you Julia! I like my new theme also. It’s been almost two months so I think I kicked and screamed enough. LOL! And thank you for the compliment. I hope to be always encouraging Julia. Thank you also for engaging a conversation with other commenters! Take care Julia! 🙂

  12. CC MacKenzie

    Love the new look blog.

    I found my productivity rose after I read The Art of War for writers by James Scott Bell. I jot down how many words I’ve written each day even though he suggests a weekly goal rather than a daily goal. I don’t touch the internet until I’ve finished a scene and that’s definitely working for me. Also I jot down ideas of the next few scenes to keep me on track with my outline.

    I try to blog once a week, but missed it last week. My priority must be the writing otherwise everything else means nothing. Next week I’ll be blogging a great interview and I’ve been working on that for a few weeks now.

    I try to visit as many blogs as possible and still feel bad when I don’t have time to comment. But it is what it is and do my best.

    You’re doing great! Keep it up!

    Hugs xx
    CC MacKenzie recently posted..What Are You Wearing?My Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Ooh Christine, you’ve given me some really great suggestions. Wow, I like the sound of that book. I have Plot and Structure, but I haven’t heard of this one. And you’re doing great girl. You sound like you’ve recovered quite nicely. Thanks for coming by to support me! 🙂

  13. Melinda

    I love that girl! Too cute. You have convinced me to take Bob Mayer’s class…now I need to figure out when the next one is. Hopefully not next week because I really do need a break from classes – I feel like I’m back in college, I’m taking so many! Plus sooner or later I have to put all this knowledge to use and, you know, actually write something. 😉
    Melinda recently posted..ROW80 UpdateMy Profile

    1. Karen Post author

      Oh, I am so happy you like her! Melinda, you are so funny. You are taking so many classes at once. I don’t know how you do it girl. I think that Bob is teaching this same class in May or June, so check it out. And then write something! LOL! Thanks Melinda for coming by to encourage me! 🙂

    1. Karen Post author

      Thanks Diane! I’m glad you like my new girl. She’s cute and spunky! Yes, it was a pretty good week. I’ll see you over at your new interview! See you there! 🙂


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